FAQ   (frequently asked questions)


Booking the band


What do I need to do to book the band?  

Once we’ve been in contact and agreed your requirements, the playing times and the fee, we e-mail you a letter of confirmation for you to check that the details are as agreed. When you have confirmed your approval of this, the date is yours. We have a mutually agreed contract ~please see the ‘small print’


Do we need to pay a deposit.? 

No initial deposit is required. 


How and when do we pay you ?   

Full Payment to be made in cash on the night of performance,  or 7 days in advance by cheque. Payment by BACS can be arranged.


Term and conditions ~

The ‘small print ‘

Please note that it is not unusual for us to get several clients interested in the same date.  We treat all enquiries with equal priority until we have a definite confirmation from one.

Once all details of the booking have been agreed and confirmed in writing (by letter or  e-mail) the agreement may not be varied except by mutual consent of both parties.

Please note:- Cancellations at less than 28days notice will normally be charged the full performance fee .

In the event of us being unable to appear due to unforeseen circumstances :-

In the unlikely event of us having to cancel an appearance:-

We have connections with a large network of other musicians and entertainment agencies across the country.  We would do our best by asking them to assist in finding you an acceptable replacement band, but regret can’t guarantee that one will be found.


How far do you travel?  

We will travel up to 50/60 miles from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire .

We are also happy to travel further than this, though we may need to arrange overnight accommodation which would incur additional charges.


Are you insured?

Each  musician in the band holds a £10million Public Liability Insurance policy with Musicians Insurance Services (arranged through the Musicians Union).

Do you have a PAT  (Portable Appliance Test) certificate for your electrical equipment ?

Yes, all our electrical equipment is regularly PAT tested. Please ask us if you need copies of these documents.


Set-up and other requirements


How long do you need to set-up? 

We usually arrive at least an hour before we are due to start playing; this means we have time to set-up and do a quick sound check before we start the performance.   It usually takes about 30 minutes to pack up when we've finished playing.


Can you arrive to set up earlier in the day? 

Possibly ~, but if you want us to arrive more than 2 hours  before we are due to start playing there may be an extra charge. 

We always aim to finish setting up and sound checking before your guests arrive, and will be as flexible as possible to try and accommodate your needs.


How much space do you need? 

The band needs approx.  3m X 3m  level  performance space. More space than this is good!...less than this and it becomes very difficult to give you a good performance.


Can you play outside?  

Yes, but PLEASE NOTE ~ only if we have adequate cover over us. ( Health and Safety)  

A waterproof Gazebo 3mx3m will usually be sufficient .

This is to protect us - and our equipment,  against both sun and rain, as both can get in the way of a good performance!       

You must also check that there is an adequate and safe electrical power supply close to the performance space. (within 5 metres)


How much electricity do you need? 

The Band only needs one ( safely earthed)  normal 13amp socket close to the performance space.

The power used by our equipment is minimal ~ less than a couple of 200w light bulbs.


How much equipment do you bring with you?  Not as much as many other bands. Obviously we bring our instruments plus our  Bose L1 amplification system, which is compact and of very high quality . All our electrical equipment is PAT tested .

Do I need to provide any equipment?  No – we bring all the necessary equipment; we just need somewhere to plug it in!

What do you require in the way of food and drink? ,

 Not much usually, but if we have travelled a long distance to be with you, we probably won’t have eaten for some time, so if you are able to provide us with a meal,  that would be very much appreciated  (we don't require alcoholic drinks but soft drinks /coffee appreciated  )


Is there anything else I need to provide? 

A parking space ( for one car) as close to the performance area as feasible.

A separate dressing room /area ~  somewhere handy to store cases for the equipment after its been unpacked would be nice ~ but not essential.


The band's performance


How long do you play for?   We usually play two 60 minute sets of music, spread over not longer than 3hours ( your initial quote will be for this)  but are happy to play for longer depending what fits in best with your schedule. 

Our quote will tell you the fees for a performance longer than 2 hours.


Can you play music during a Wedding Ceremony?

Sorry, this is not something we do. 

We recommend that you check with the registrar about suitable music and make arrangements accordingly.


Can you play after midnightGenerally speaking, all of our quotes are based on us finishing before midnight; if you want us to go on longer, there may be an additional charge. Please ask us for more information.


What happens between sets?   We usually bring along an mp3  player to play recorded music along the same lines as the tunes we perform. However, we are also happy to play your own choice of music, if you make a compilation of songs on an iPod,  We can to plug this into our PA system so that you have complete control over the music played between sets.


What about requests?  (e.g. A ‘First Dance’ tune )   When you book the band you are more than welcome to go through our repertoire and highlight songs you particularly want us to play. Sometimes it is possible to learn new songs, but it can be hard to fit this into the band's busy schedule and may incur additional charges.  Let us know well in advance and we can discuss the options with you straight away!  Please remember we are a swing and jazz band not a rock group..so guitar based rock numbers are not our style and a bit difficult to achieve with our instrumentation ~ (we don’t have any guitars ! ) 

Tony Sheppard  Keyboards, vocals and Trombone.


Gloucestershire Jazz Swing Band.  Frequently asked questions

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